What is a Litigation Attorney?

One kind of attorney many people may have heard of is a Los Angeles litigation lawyer. However, many people may wonder exactly what a litigation lawyer is.

To put it simply, a litigation lawyer is a lawyer that has a practice that deals primarily with lawsuits. The main objective of any litigator, for example a Los Angeles estate litigation attorney, is to win a lawsuit in court. However, sometimes there are other options to actually taking a case to court. One such option is settling a case out of court.

In general, there are two kinds of litigation lawyers. This includes criminal litigation lawyers and civil litigation lawyers. Criminal litigation lawyers may be less well known by the pubic. Criminal litigation lawyers are usually involved in cases that involve a state or the federal government.

Civil litigation lawyers usually represent the parties of a civil lawsuit. Such a lawsuit may involve a dispute between a landlord and tenant. Personal injury lawsuits in which someone who has been injured sues another party that is believed to be at fault are also very common.

However, a civil litigation lawyer can represent the defense in a lawsuit as well. One thing that lawyer may do for the defense in such a case is create counterclaims that accuse the party that brought the lawsuit of some wrong.

Usually, a civil litigation attorney will focus his or her practice on one specific area of civil law. For example, an attorney may specialize in medical malpractice and represent clients that were supposedly harmed by the negligent actions of medical professionals.

There are many reasons why a litigation lawyer may limit his or her practice in such a way. One very important reason is to build up experience in that segment of the law. Civil law can be extremely complex. Novice attorneys are not likely to perform well in kinds of litigation cases they are not familiar with. A wealth of experience in one kind of litigation can also make that attorney attractive to clients that wish to file the same kind of lawsuit.

A litigation attorney may also limit his or her practice to defending businesses. If this is the case, that attorney must have a very strong working knowledge of business law. He or she will represent businesses that are filing lawsuits or defending against lawsuits that develop between parties that conduct business. One common example of such a case is when a lawsuit is filed over a breach of contract by one party.


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