A Business Lawyer Can Help In Almost Any Legal Situation

Many people have heard of business lawyers but still could not tell you what a business lawyer is or what they do. A Los Angeles business lawyer can help their clients make legal decisions when it comes to any type of business procedure, and also with things such as estate litigation, probate litigation, and testamentary capacity. They can also help inform their clients of how to abide by regulations. These procedures and regulations can range from the formation and establishment of a business, business planning, and even help clients in labor and civil law areas.

One popular case that involved a business lawyer was the Manis et al v. Hassan Yarpezeshkan and Dr. Arthur Laffer case. The heart of this case was entwined around a false promise of a patented battery-less power supply. Plaintiffs were enthused when they decided to invest in what they were told was a company who already had customers like Microsoft and ATT. To spark their enthusiasm the company let them meet Dr. Arthur B. Laffer. This was the final motivating factor that pushed the plaintiffs into their decision of investing in the company. They soon found out the company had completely given them false statements on almost every aspect of the company. The company only had one patent, one simply prototype product, and absolutely no customers. The law suit was settled for about $3,200,00.00.

Another case that involved a business lawyer having to step in and represent clients was in the Andrews v. Kowa Printing Corporation. 35 former employees argued that Kowa Printing Corporation did not pay them for promised vacation time and severance pay. They filed this lawsuit under the Illinois Wage Act but in the end the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that the defendants could not be held to answer for the plaintiffs’ claims under the Wage Act.

Within the Imperial Merchant Services, Inc. v. Hunt case the Supreme Court made a decision that business lawyers will always fall back onto for reference. The Supreme Court ruled that the damages in Civil Code sec. 1719 are exclusive. They are exclusive in the fact that a debt collector cannot recover prejudgment interest on damages under Civil Code sec. 3287 when they have already recovered a service charge on a dishonored check.

It is easy to see that a Los Angeles business attorney can become involved in many different types of cases. It almost seems that no matter what details are involved in a case or lawsuit that the need for a business lawyer is almost always necessary.


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