Types of Litigation for a Los Angeles Lawyer

A litigation attorney is basically a Los Angeles lawyer that handles all different types of lawsuits. They cover auto accidents, work injuries, other types of accidents, and just about anything involving a lawsuit. Some litigation attorneys will focus on only one area of lawsuits, such as auto accidents. Other will work on all varieties of lawsuits.

A lawsuit usually takes quite a while, sometimes several years; there are a lot of details to pay attention to and it is not as easy as you might think. If it is a medical injury, the attorney’s office will have to contact all of the medical providers to get copies of all of the bills accrued. They can’t start on a case if they have no idea how much they need to sue the person or company for. They have to have exact amounts for each area they are including in the suit. In an auto accident, they would have to figure the medical, the damage or value of the car involved, and any loss in wages or pain and suffering.

A litigation attorney will have several cases that they are working on at the same time. A big part of their job is gathering the information needed to represent their client. Many of the smaller cases will be settled out of court. The larger cases usually will be tried in court. Most of the time when they are trying larger cases, they will not use just one litigation attorney. They will use a team that is composed of several different attorneys. This is because there are so many minor details in a large case, it would be easy for one litigation attorney to overlook something important.

Some of the larger cases that have been in the news lately are asbestos exposure and benzene exposure. These types of suits are the ones that would have teams of litigation attorneys involved. There are so many people injured or exposed, there is no way one Los Angeles lawyer could handle all of the cases. These lawyers have to wait a long time to get paid on most of their cases, they still work very hard for their money.


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